Introducing Bloomeria

Bloomeria is an organization that helps communities safeguard green areas.
We consider we are facing 3 main problems :
  • Biodiversity is dangerously declining, climate change is there and showing ;
  • communities & environmental organizations struggle to find new ways of funding ;
  • companies try to be more active and transparent about their environmentally friendly actions.
Our solution
To answer these challenges, we :
  • Help fund reforestation and conservation projects ;
  • connect environmental organizations and companies willing to fund meaningful projects ;
  • help companies prove their ESG commitments through blockchain technology.
We use Polygon blockchain, because it does improve the speed, the scalability and reduces the costs. More importantly, it's an environmentally friendly consensus algorithm.
Our partners
We have partnerships with 3 great environmental organizations :
  • ​RM.Terra, a Portuguese organization that is planting trees using food forest principles since 2017 ;
  • ​Tribes and Natures Defenders, a Filipino organization aiming to safeguard forests ;
  • ​Urban Forests, a Belgian organization planting trees using the Miyawaki method.
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